I'm a start-up photographer "Product Photos" and I would like to offer you my start-up service "Product Photos" for free. Just fill out the FREE request form for the exam and send your selected 1pcs of goods to my delivery adress for the loan.

I will photograph your product with my camera and send all back to your delivery address along with your photos.

I reserve photo to show in my galerie on my website.

Help me start my service.


Miroslava Cervena (let me know at midit@email.cz)

Price list:

FREE Product photo... 1pcs (USD 0 per photo)

Other prices if you are satisfied:

BASIC set 2-4pcs (USD 20 per photo)

10% OFF on the CLASIC set 5-9pcs (USD 18 per photo)

20% OFF set 10-19pcs (USD 16 per photo)

30% OFF set 20-49pcs (USD 14 per photo)

40% OFF set 50-79pcs (USD 12 per photo)

50% OFF set 80-99pcs (USD 10 per photo)

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